Depro Proudly presents Cqure Tactile!



In 1983 Eilert Andersson from Depro AB and Dentist Bo Ericson developed a new kind of elevator which was named "Elevator according to Bo Ericson". This was a re-thinking of a dental product because it was the first one of it's kind with a plastic handle, the handle design was made by renowned designer Ulf Hanses.






In 1984 the elevator received the prize for "Excellent swedish form" and began being marketed by Whaledent/Megadent, the elevators came in 4 different models that were all sold with success worldwide.

During this time Depro AB was reponsible for all development and production for Whaledent/Megadent.






We here at Depro AB has been responsible for manufacturing to our different partners up until 2013 but now we feel that the shape of the working part of the instrument has strayed so far from the product that Bo and Eilert presented in 1984.



This is why we now in 2014 can proudly present a product that is consistent with the original shape, the handle has once again been designed by Ulf Hanses and it has been greatly improved for better tactility and control.


At last you can use the elevator as it was mean to be used! 











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